Elektroline worldwide

Elektroline scope of works is situated all around the world but especially in European continent. More and more we attend the projects across the other continents such as North America (USA), Australia or Africa. See our carried out projects around the world in our references..

Elektroline Point Machines

Elektroline produces many kinds of high quality electro-hydraulic (SIL 3 assessed) and mechanical point machines for tramway switches. Learn more about our point machines here..

OCL components for TRAM & TBUS

Elektroline produces hundreds of overhead contact line components for public transport tracks. Visit our catalogue of components. You can also download TRAM OCL presentation or TBUS OCL presentation

Tramway Signaling Systems

We are increasingly focused on signaling systems in area of public transport. Our production includes safety SIL 3 certified automatic signaling systems for tramway networks or depots.

Assembly & Supervision

Elektroline provides full installations, assembly and supervision of all our components, devices or signaling systems all around the world. 

Elektroline Design

Elektroline has own designing capacity serving both, for proposing of single armatures and for planning of constructions in their whole

VETRA Communication System

Automatic vehicle-to-ground communication system for safety relevant applications for tramways and trolley-buses

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Conference room

We offer for rent a trendy conference room in the area of our company. Its capacity is up to 150 people. The conference room is suitable especially for company trainings, courses, workshops, presentations or conferences.


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