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Reference detailDaytonDayton USA 2008

Centralized transfer station where trolleybuses can overtake each other at stops, with electrical controlling of switches and signalization of current direction of the switch. Total amount: 

  • 15 complete sets of electrical switches
  • 13 complete sets of mechanical switches
  • 4 pcs of TBUS crossings
  • Material supply plus supervision during assembly
Reference detailReconstruction of tram lineKharkov UKR2012 tramOCL

Supervision and delivery of material for reconstruction of tram line just beside stadium of EURO 2012 Chamionship. We delivered mainly:

  • disconnectors
  • cantilevers up to 9m 
  • section insulators
  • tensioning mechanism
  • exchange field
  • contact wire clamps, etc
Reference detailIbrahimli Extension and Depot KaratasGaziantep TUR 2013

In scope of the project following parts were delivered and put ino operation:

  • electro-hydraulic point machines (24 pcs, with option for another 13 pcs in the future) within the depot
  • electro-hydraulic point machines (12 pcs) on intersections within the city
  • resonant track circuits
  • VETRA communication system (trackside elements) bidirectional communication system between trams and trackside systems
  • necessary hardware + software for automatic setting of tram routes within the depot
  • whole signalisation for tram drivers (traffic lights, point position indicators)
  • computer - client station with visualization of the depot and with possibility to control it
Reference detailGaziantep DepotGaziantep TUR 2010

Delivery and installation of signaling systems and components:

  • semi-automatic depot control system
  • VETRA tram-to-way side communication system
  • tram priority system
  • point machines (electro-hydraulic and mechanical)
Reference detailIstanbulIstanbul TUR 2006

Material supply for LIGHT RAIL LINE.

Reference detailTunis Marine Terminal Tunis TUN2015 tramSIG

Delivery yof SIL3 signaling and automatic control system (via TWC) for two electrical switch points at Terminus station (entry and exit to the depot); 14 pcs of resonant truck circuits; remote dispatcher office

Reference detailGothenburg tram lineGothenburg SWE2012 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for tram line.

Reference detailNew tram trackNorrköping SWE 2010

Delivery of tram OCL components:

  • disconnectors including mechanical drives and their components
  • GRP cantilevers plus components for cantilevers
  • OCL clamps and holders
  • weights for movable anchorage
  • insulators
Reference detailGoteborg tramway signalingGöteborg SWE 2005


  • track circuits BRC (new generation safety assessed track circuits)
  • point position indicators, custom-made signals
  • mechanical point machine TSM series

Reference detailElektričková trať Dúbravka v úseku Hanulova - Pri krížiBratislava SVK2014 tramSIG

Delivery and installation of Electro-hydraulic point machine including control system TSC Tandem. We also installed electrical heating of switches and vehicle departure control from turnabout.

Reference detailSenec - SladkovicovoSenec, Sladkovicovo SVK2007 railOCL

Delivery and installation:

  • Elektroline a.s. was responsible for delivery and installing of material for overhead contact line.
Reference detailVojvode Stepe ReconstructionBelgrade SRB2015 tramOCL

Delivery of overhead contact line material for the reconstruction of tram catenary track in length of 3.5 km. 

Reference detailtram and trolley-buses tracksMoscow RUS 2008

Elektroline was responsible for delivery of OCL material for tbus and tram tracks:

  • mechanical TBUS switches
  • flexible anchorage sets
  • GRP cantilevers
  • section insulators
  • contact wire clamps
Reference detailVologdaVologda RUS 2006

Material supply for trolley-bus track, especially:

  • electrical tbus switches 17 compl.
  • mechanical tbus switches 17 compl.
  • trolley-bus crossing 15 sets
Reference detailMoscow DepotMoscow RUS 2001

Material supply, assmebly of automatic TRAM switches control system in depot

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