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Reference detailAdelaideAdelaide AUS 2006

Material supply for 5 km TRAM track; Cooperation on the project together with SKM company.

Reference detailAssembly of tbus line - Burgers' ZOO projectsArnhem NLD2012 tbusOCL

Assembly of single track tbus line in lenght of 1.5km including end loop at Burgers' ZOO entry area. We also designed and delivered one complete set of tbus crossing 85° with insulation in both passing directions. Assembly of two complete sets of disconnectors including automatic power supply disconnecting control and further we also delivered the signalling of no voltage status.

Reference detailAssembly of tbus switchesLa Spezia ITA 2012

Assembly and material delivery of electrical tbus switches including control systems. We also delivered other OCL material for tbus track.

Reference detailAthens - tbus VETRA systemAthens GRC 2008

Deliveries and supervising of components and technologies for trolley-bus track, namely:

  • VETRA system - inteligent automatic setting of vehicle's itinerary while passing the city (vehicle's itinerary is automaticly performed until terminus arrival)
  • 50 complete sets of electrical switches
  • 60 complete sets of mechanical switches
  • 60 complete sets of tbus crossings
  • on board equipment of 366 vehicles by VETRA system
  • other OCL and fitting material
Reference detailBaross square projectBudapest HUN2014 tbusOCL

Delivery of TBUS OCL material for trolleybus track e.g. cantilevers, section insulators, curve clamps, crossings, etc. We also supervised the assembly of tbus line. 

Reference detailBarrandovPrague CZE 2002

Material supply, construction of the TRAM line including automatic TRAM switch control

Reference detailBendigoBendigo AUS2004 tramSIG

Delivery and installation:

  • Switch point control systems (2 switch points)


  • Nonstop online support by trained Elektroline personnel

Reference detailBergenBergen NOR 2003

Material supply, assmebly of TBUS line including crosses and switches

Reference detailBlackpool and Fleetwood tramway reconstructionBlackpool GBR 2009

Delivery and installation:

  • Switch point control systems TSC (SIL 3)
  • Point machines (electro-hydraulic and mechanical)
  • Radio communication system (VETRA communciation)
  • Preference of trams at junctions (VETRA communication)

Reference detailBordeauxBordeaux FRA2006 tramOCL

Assembly and installation at the project of Expansion of current tramway depot

Reference detailBorská polePlzen CZE 2009
  • delivery and assembly of complete electrical TBUS switches (6 sets) including automatic control system - VETRA
  • delivery and assembly of complete mechanical TBUS switches (5 sets)
  • delivery and installation of 3 sets of TBUS x TBUS crossings
  • other OCL material
Reference detailBrusselsBrussels BEL 2007

Delivery and installation:

  • Point machines (more than 150 pcs of electro-hydraulic and over 200 of mechanical); 
  • Nonstop online support by trained Elektroline personnel

Reference detailBydgoszczBydgoszcz POL 2007

Delivery and installation of signaling systems including signaling components, especially:

  • point machine TSH 106 LC (SIL3) - 40 pcs
  • mechanical point machine - over 40 pcs
Reference detailCagliariCagliari ITA 2004

Material supply for tram line including assmebly of OCL

Reference detailCeskomoravskaPrague CZE2004 tramOCL

Material supply, construction of the TRAM line including automatic TRAM switches control

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