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Reference detailŁódźŁódź POL2010 tramSIG

Delivery and installation of signaling systems including signaling components, especially:

  • point machine TSH 106 LC (SIL3)
  • control system TSC (SIL3)

Reference detailZawiercie-Borowe pole - Test TrackZawiercie-Borowe pole POL2017 railOCL

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for designing, delivery and assembly of overhead contact line system (ARCAS-EL) DC 3kV with two messenger wires and two contact wires.

Reference detailWestvest temporary terminusDelft NLD2011 tramSIG

Delivery and installation:

  • Delivery and installation of driver´s keyboard control system for electro-hydraulic point machine
  • Including electro-hydraulical point machine installed in ground box
Reference detailVoula tram lineAthens GRC2007 tramOCL

Extension of current tram line. Delivery and installation of signaling systems and components. Supply and assembly of over-head contact line (OCL). Nonstop online support by trained Elektroline personnel.

Delivery and installation especially:

  • switch point control systems
  • point machines (electro-hydraulic and mechanical)
  • signaling lamps
  • cantilevers
  • tensioning mechanism
  • contact wire clamps


„(...) the final result fully met the technical specifications of the project as well as they met our expectations. (...) we would like to recommend Elektroline a.s. as an excellent option for executing this type of works. (...)“

Reference detailVologdaVologda RUS 2006

Material supply for trolley-bus track, especially:

  • electrical tbus switches 17 compl.
  • mechanical tbus switches 17 compl.
  • trolley-bus crossing 15 sets
Reference detailVojvode Stepe ReconstructionBelgrade SRB2015 tramOCL

Delivery of overhead contact line material for the reconstruction of tram catenary track in length of 3.5 km. 

Reference detailVidin Bridge II, Vidin Calafat, Part: Catenary, Part: ElektricityVidin BGR 2011

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of railway overhead contact line system (ARCAS) incl. remote control of sectional disconnectors.

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of electricity on the Bridge – LV and MV technology  incl. cabling, bridge highway and architecture lighting, power station 20/0,4 kV and bridge lightning protection.

Reference detailViale AmendolaLa Spezia ITA2014 tbusOCL

Dismantle of current cantilevers and delivery and installation of new cantilevers incl. suspended OCL material for trolleybus track.

Reference detailÚsti nad OrlicíÚsti nad Orlicí CZE 2013

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of overhead contact line system, remote control of sectional disconnectors, high-voltage substation, lithing in pedestrian underpass, heavy current wiring, electrical heating of switches and more.

Reference detailUsti nad LabemUsti nad Labem CZE 2009

Delivery and installation:

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for delivery and assembly of material for overhead contact line, electrical heating of switches and pole lighting

Reference detailTunis Marine Terminal Tunis TUN2015 tramSIG

Delivery yof SIL3 signaling and automatic control system (via TWC) for two electrical switch points at Terminus station (entry and exit to the depot); 14 pcs of resonant truck circuits; remote dispatcher office

Reference detailTrolejové vedení ulice Vrchlického v JihlavěJihlava CZE2017 tbusOCL

New trolleybus line which created trasport connection among city outskirts and city center and city hospital. Project also incude three big crossroads (2 x T type and 1 x roundabout). 

Delivery and installations:

  • installation of 9 compl.sets of tbus electrical switch including radio transmitter 
  • installation of 9 compl.sets of tbus mechanicalswitch
  • installation of 9 tbus crossings
  • assembly of over 11 000m of contact wire
  • 1000m of feeding cables
Reference detailTrolejbus Karolina 1. etapa TVOstrava CZE 2012

Installation and delivery of OCL material (including electrical switches and control systems, tbus crossings, disconnectors, etc.) for TBUS line.

Reference detailTrojsky mostPrague CZE2014 tramOCL

We were responsible for delivery and installation of OCL poles as well as for delivery and assembly of overhead contact line on the bridge and at the surrounding area. We also made special preparation work for the priority of the tram vehicles.

Reference detailTrojskaPrague CZE2009 tramOCL

Material supply and assembly of final section of tramway track and delivery and installation of temporary section of tramway track from Trojska street to Trojsky most.

  • 1065 metres of tram track in total 
  • poles
  • motor drives
  • disconnectors
  • section insulator
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