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Reference detailSpinozaweg – Molenvliet tram line reconstructionRotterdam NLD2016 tramOCL

Renovation of tramway track.

  • Replacement of current tensioning mechanism by Tensorex tension mechanism
  • Disconnectors replacement
  • Installation of surge arresters
  • Regulation of OCL
  • Poles anchoring
  • Dismantling of old and installation of new OCL
  • section insulators replacement
Reference detailReconstruction of railway line section between Ostrov nad Oslavou – Žďár nad Sázavou Žďár nad Sázavou 2016 railOCL

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for complete delivery and assembly overhead contact line system 25 kV AC (ARCAS-EL) in the section between Ostrov nad Oslavou and Žďár nad Sázavou

Reference detailVojvode Stepe ReconstructionBelgrade SRB2015 tramOCL

Delivery of overhead contact line material for the reconstruction of tram catenary track in length of 3.5 km. 

Reference detailDevelopment of the ecological transport in municipality CraiovaCraiova ROU2015 tramOCL

Scope of work performed by Elektroline:

  • full installation of Tramway overhead contact network in total length of 15,6 km single line
  • Installation of overvoltage protection for the OCL 
  • delivery of OCL material
Reference detailRehabilitation of Tramway route 101Ploiesti ROU2015 tramOCL

Increasing of public transport mobility by rehabilitation of tramway route 101 with works targeting the railway, stations with platforms adapted for persons with disabilities, tramways, elements for traffic signalization and automatization – phase II

Scope of work performed by Elektroline:

  • full installation of Tramway overhead contact network in total length of 7,7 km single line.
  • installation of overvoltage protection for the OCL
  • delivery of OCL material

Reference detailInfrastracture Design and Overhead contact Line (Tramline nr. 4)Tallinn EST 2014

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for the whole part of tramway catenary system, i. e. for design OCL, delivery of all the material of overhead contact line system, and its assembly.

Reference detailÚsti nad OrlicíÚsti nad Orlicí CZE 2013

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of overhead contact line system, remote control of sectional disconnectors, high-voltage substation, lithing in pedestrian underpass, heavy current wiring, electrical heating of switches and more.

Reference detailBaross square projectBudapest HUN2014 tbusOCL

Delivery of TBUS OCL material for trolleybus track e.g. cantilevers, section insulators, curve clamps, crossings, etc. We also supervised the assembly of tbus line. 

Reference detailViale AmendolaLa Spezia ITA2014 tbusOCL

Dismantle of current cantilevers and delivery and installation of new cantilevers incl. suspended OCL material for trolleybus track.

Reference detailTrojsky mostPrague CZE2014 tramOCL

We were responsible for delivery and installation of OCL poles as well as for delivery and assembly of overhead contact line on the bridge and at the surrounding area. We also made special preparation work for the priority of the tram vehicles.

Reference detailLyon TBUS line C13Lyon FRA 2012

We partly delivered material for the track and completely assembly of tbus track C13 in Lyon.

Due to very high trafic and important lines and rotes in direction of Lyon airport in this part of Lyon whole track was totally assembled at night hours.

Reference detailLinea 31Milano ITA 2012

Delivery of material for TRAM line incl. diode section insulators.

Reference detailMetrocagliari, line 3 Gottardo - PoliclinicoCagliari ITA 2011

Delivery of material and assembly of new double track TRAM line which is placed on the 2km-long viaduct. We also made a connection with the substation and partly adjustment at nerby depot.

Reference detailMetrocagliari, Gottardo-Settimo San PietroCagliari ITA2013 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for tram track.

Reference detailTramvajová trať Nové Sady - část BOlomouc CZE2013 tramOCL

Delivery of material and assembly of new tram line. We also delivered equipment for heating of switches.

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