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Reference detailPlzen - signaling projectsPlzen CZE 2009

Delivery and installation:

  • Switch point control systems TSC (SIL 3)
  • Point machines (electro-hydraulic) - 60 pcs 
  • Point machines (mechanical) - 2 pcs
  • Radio communication system (VETRA communciation)
  • Automatic switch point heating
  • Point position indicators
  • Periodic maintenance by trained Elektroline personnel
Reference detailTBUS trať: U trati - Borská v Plzni II, etapa Doudlevecká - SirkovaPlzen CZE2012 tbusOCL

Construction of tbus alternate roadincluding two crossroads. We was responsible for delivery and installation of tbus crossing or tbus switches controlled by VETRA system.

Reference detailBorská polePlzen CZE 2009
  • delivery and assembly of complete electrical TBUS switches (6 sets) including automatic control system - VETRA
  • delivery and assembly of complete mechanical TBUS switches (5 sets)
  • delivery and installation of 3 sets of TBUS x TBUS crossings
  • other OCL material
Reference detailReconstruction of Americka streetPlzen CZE 2008

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of OCL material including electrical (5 sets) and mechanical (5 sets) switches and their control by VETRA technology, signaling and instalation of the non-insulated crossing TRAM x TBUS.

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