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Reference detailTrojsky mostPrague CZE2014 tramOCL

We were responsible for delivery and installation of OCL poles as well as for delivery and assembly of overhead contact line on the bridge and at the surrounding area. We also made special preparation work for the priority of the tram vehicles.

Reference detailGeneral OCS & SIGNALING Delivery for PraguePrague CZE 1992

More than 20 years cooperation (assembly & installations, material delivery and regular maintainance of our signaling devices, electro-revisions) with Prague Transport Authority. We have delivered and installed e.g.:


  • Automatic control system for switches (more than 220 pcs)
  • Automatic heating system for switchpoints


  • TRAM section insulators
  • TRAM disconnectors
  • GRP cantilevers
  • Components for cantilevers
  • contact wire clamps 
  • tensioning mechanism
Reference detailPlzenska - smycka RepyPrague CZE2010 tramOCL

Reconstruction of tram line section between Plzenska street and tram loop in Repy city part. Installation of automatic control systems including heating of switches and signalling. Delivery and assembly especially of:

  • signaling control systems (automatic control system TSC 6 pcs, signaling lamps, heating of switches - TVAM system - 4 pcs)
  • poles
  • contact wire clamps
  • cantilevers
  • tensioning mechanism
  • sleeves and pole fastening material

Reference detailLetna - Prasny mostPrague CZE 2009

Material supply and assembly of OCL and signalling systems in tramway section Letna - Spejchar junction - Prasny most in Prague. Total length of tramway track is 2 840 m. We supplied and installed especially:

  • poles
  • cantilevers
  • disconnectors
  • supporting and tensioning equipment
  • 9 complete sets of automatic control system TSC including switch controlling and heating
  • section insulators
  • components for cantilevers, insulators, contact wire clamps, etc.

Reference detailTrojskaPrague CZE2009 tramOCL

Material supply and assembly of final section of tramway track and delivery and installation of temporary section of tramway track from Trojska street to Trojsky most.

  • 1065 metres of tram track in total 
  • poles
  • motor drives
  • disconnectors
  • section insulator
Reference detailRadlicka ul.Prague CZE2008 tramOCL

Entire part of double track tramway line (length = 1km) including terminal loop. Supply and installation of disconnectors including motor drives and their remote control, controlling and heating of tramway switches.

Reference detailPrague main railway stationPrague CZE 2007

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for delivery and installing of material for electrical switch heating (including automatic control), railway station lighting (Prague).

Reference detailTram line SokolovskaPrague CZE2005 tramOCL

Elektroline supplied material and carried out the assembly of tram overhead contact line in total length of 1700 m double track:

  • tensioning mechanism system
  • automatic heating of switches system
  • GRP cantilevers
  • insulators and section insulators
  • supporting and tensioning equipment
  • other OCL clamps and fitting material
Reference detailCeskomoravskaPrague CZE2004 tramOCL

Material supply, construction of the TRAM line including automatic TRAM switches control

Reference detailTram Depot PankracPrague CZE2004 tramSIG

Delivery and Installation:

  • Automatic control system of depot
  • Switch point heating
  • Overhead contact lines
  • Nonstop online support by Elektroline staff


 ''(...) This system works to entire satisfaction of the client and without defects. In the depot, there are parked and get maintenined 136 trams. Elektroline also participates on gradual modernizing and automation of operation controlling in other depots where new systems of automatic operation controlling are being introduced. (...)''

Reference detailBarrandovPrague CZE 2002

Material supply, construction of the TRAM line including automatic TRAM switch control

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