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Reference detailMelbourne (Control Systems)Melbourne AUS 2014

Elektroline has installed tramway switch control systems (tramway signaling system) within Melbourne tramway network including BRC resonant track circuits for fail-safe detection of trams.

Within the time period since June 2014 till June 2015, Elektroline has delivered in total 12 switch control systems (TSC type, SIL3 safety level).

Reference detailGold Coast Light RailGold Coast AUS 2012

Delivery of the complete system of over head contact line material for 13km light trail track.

Reference detailMelbourne, track circuitsMelbourne AUS2011 tramSIG

Delivery and installation:

  • Delivery of fail-safe track circuits BRC for detecting presence of a tram within tram stops
  • Including GSM communication module for remote diagnostics of the system
Reference detailMelbourne Kew DepotMelbourne AUS2007 tramOCL

Material supply of overhead contact line line in depot

Reference detailAdelaideAdelaide AUS 2006

Material supply for 5 km TRAM track; Cooperation on the project together with SKM company.

Reference detailBendigoBendigo AUS2004 tramSIG

Delivery and installation:

  • Switch point control systems (2 switch points)


  • Nonstop online support by trained Elektroline personnel

Reference detailMelbourneMelbourne AUS2004 tramOCL

Delivery and installation:

  • Switch point control system (1 switch point)
  • Material delivery for Overhead Contact Line
  • Nonstop online support by trained Elektroline personnel

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