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Reference detailLyon TBUS line C13Lyon FRA 2012

We partly delivered material for the track and completely assembly of tbus track C13 in Lyon.

Due to very high trafic and important lines and rotes in direction of Lyon airport in this part of Lyon whole track was totally assembled at night hours.

Reference detailInstalation of TBUS switchesLyon FRA 2011

Inspection and installation improvement of trolleybus switches, trolleybus crossings and other OCL equipment including improvement of tbus roundabout on the line C1/C2.

Reference detailBordeauxBordeaux FRA2006 tramOCL

Assembly and installation at the project of Expansion of current tramway depot

Reference detailLyonLyon FRA2006 tramOCL

Assembly of new tramway line (8 km) LEA, crossover signalling over TRAM line

Reference detailIntersection L1/L2Montpellier FRA2006 tramOCL

Assembly of new TRAM line L2

Reference detailLyon tbus VETRA SystemLyon FRA 2005

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for delivery and installation of TBUS line,   including switches – Elektroline a.s. have installed the “VETRA” system with automatic setting of the whole trolleybus itinerary.

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