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Reference detailViale AmendolaLa Spezia ITA2014 tbusOCL

Dismantle of current cantilevers and delivery and installation of new cantilevers incl. suspended OCL material for trolleybus track.

Reference detailLinea 31Milano ITA 2012

Delivery of material for TRAM line incl. diode section insulators.

Reference detailMetrocagliari, line 3 Gottardo - PoliclinicoCagliari ITA 2011

Delivery of material and assembly of new double track TRAM line which is placed on the 2km-long viaduct. We also made a connection with the substation and partly adjustment at nerby depot.

Reference detailMetrocagliari, Gottardo-Settimo San PietroCagliari ITA2013 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for tram track.

Reference detailAssembly of tbus switchesLa Spezia ITA 2012

Assembly and material delivery of electrical tbus switches including control systems. We also delivered other OCL material for tbus track.

Reference detailNew Palermo TRAM linePalermo ITA 2011

Delivery of the OCL material for new tram line and for two tram depots (Rocella depot, Leonardo depot).

Reference detailMonserrato Depot in CagliariCagliari ITA2011 tramOCL

Supply and assembly of OCL material for electrical traction, for extension of existing power supply line to other tracks where the trams pass, in the area of depot and maintenance workshop, situated inside the location of Operation Head Office of Metro Cagliari in Monserrato.

Reference detailTram Depot BaggioMilan ITA2011 tramSIG

Delivery and installation:

  • Automatic control system of entrance to the depot 
  • Point machine (electro-hydraulic)
  • Resonant track circuits BRC (SIL 2 safety assessed)

Reference detailMilanMilan ITA 2007

Material supply, site management in assembly of electrical TBUS switches. 

  • delivery of 40 complete sets of electrical switches with radio remote control
Reference detailPiazza BottiniMilan ITA2010 tbusOCL

Delivery and assembly of TBUSxTRAM crossings and OCL and OCL material and of TBUS electrical (2 sets) and mechanical switches (2 sets) - Piazza Bottini

Reference detailNaplesNaples ITA2009 tbusOCL
  • Delivery, assembly and supervision of electrical and mechanical switches for trolleybus tracks
  • Assembly and delivery of the TBUSxTRAM crossing where the vehicles can passage through with current in both ways (both trolleybus as well as train)
  • Delivery of TBUS section insulators, including type where the vehicles can passage through with current

Reference detailFlorenceFlorence ITA 2008

Material supply for tramway track and depot, especially:

  • special cantilevers according to customer requirements
  • section insulators
  • supporting and tensioning equipment, components for cantilevers, insulators, contact wire clamps, etc.
Reference detailLecceLecce ITA 2006

Material supply of over-head contact line - 12 km double track, including TBUS switches

Reference detailCagliariCagliari ITA 2004

Material supply for tram line including assmebly of OCL

Reference detailChietiChieti ITA 2002

Material supply, site management in assembly of TBUS switches

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