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Reference detailZawiercie-Borowe pole - Test TrackZawiercie-Borowe pole POL2017 railOCL

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for designing, delivery and assembly of overhead contact line system (ARCAS-EL) DC 3kV with two messenger wires and two contact wires.

Reference detailPoznanPoznan POL 2010

Delivery and installation of signaling systems including signaling components, especially:

  • point machine TSH 106 LC (SIL3) - 86 pcs
  • point machine mechanical - 71 pcs
  • control system TSC (SIL3)
  • signal lamp
Reference detailBydgoszczBydgoszcz POL 2007

Delivery and installation of signaling systems including signaling components, especially:

  • point machine TSH 106 LC (SIL3) - 40 pcs
  • mechanical point machine - over 40 pcs
Reference detailTRAM Warsaw ProjectsWarsaw POL 1999

Elektroline was responsible for delivery of TRAM OCL material and signaling components for the Warszawa city. We supplied especially following products:

  • TMPK and TSC control systems (more than 200 pcs)
  • signaling lamps
  • sleeves and pole fastening
  • supporting and tensioning equipment 
  • section insulators and OCL insulators
  • GRP cantilevers and their components
  • contact wire clamps
  • tensioning mechanism and weights
  • disconnectors
  • suspensions and various OCL holders

Reference detailFranowo DepotPoznan POL 2012

In this project we are/were responsible for these deliveries and installations:

  • Automatic control system of depot
  • software & visualization for movement of vehicles within the depot
  • 42 pcs of electro-hydraulic point machines
  • 39 pcs of mechanical point machines
  • 95 pcs of resonant track circuits
  • other material and equipment: tram detection elements, signaling lamps, etc.
Reference detailRondo im. Janusza KrupskiegoLublin POL2012 tbusOCL

Delivery of overhead contact line material for tbus track including electrical switches, mechanical switches, cantilevers and diode insulators. Installation of VETRA system into the vehicles.

Reference detailGdansk TRAM lineGdansk POL2011 tramOCL

Delivery of material for reconstruction of current line and construction of new tram line including electrical and mechanical point machines and their control systems. Supervision and installation of point machines. Delivery of OCL and signaling components:

  • Electro-hydraulic point machines (18 pcs)
  • Mechanical point machines (15 pcs)
  • Switch point control systems TSC (SIL 3)
  • GRP cantilevers
  • Section insulators
  • Disconnectors including motor drives
  • Flexible anchorage sets
  • Insulators
  • Components for cantilevers and other OCL material

Reference detailŁódźŁódź POL2010 tramSIG

Delivery and installation of signaling systems including signaling components, especially:

  • point machine TSH 106 LC (SIL3)
  • control system TSC (SIL3)

Reference detailTramway line ŁódźŁódź POL 2007

We delivered OCL material for tram line project (16 kms doubletrack), especially following material:

  • 55 mm GRP cantilevers and related 55mm armatures
  • disconnectors
  • devices for thermal compensation of contact wire (tension mechanism)
  • clamps and clips

Reference detailGdynia DepotGdynia POL2007 tbusOCL

Material supply for tbus depot:

  • disconnectors including motor drives
  • remote control of disconnectors
  • novoltage status signalisation including security of maintenance workplaces for novoltage status works
Reference detailKrakowKrakow POL 1999

Material supply for TRAM lines

Reference detailGdanskGdansk POL 2000

Material supply for TRAM lines

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