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Reference detailTramvajová trať Nové Sady - část BOlomouc CZE2013 tramOCL

Delivery of material and assembly of new tram line. We also delivered equipment for heating of switches.

Reference detailTest TrackPilsen CZE2013 railOCL

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for designing, delivery and assembly of overhead contact line system (ARCAS-EL) incl. technology for detection and signalization of traction voltage level in contact line system in range of DC 0,6 – 4 kV, AC 15 kV 16 2/3 Hz, AC 25 kV 50 Hz.  

Reference detailRenovation of MarconipleinRotterdam NLD2013 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for tramway track.

Reference detailGold Coast Light RailGold Coast AUS 2012

Delivery of the complete system of over head contact line material for 13km light trail track.

Reference detailAssembly of tbus switchesLa Spezia ITA 2012

Assembly and material delivery of electrical tbus switches including control systems. We also delivered other OCL material for tbus track.

Reference detailTrolejbus Karolina 1. etapa TVOstrava CZE 2012

Installation and delivery of OCL material (including electrical switches and control systems, tbus crossings, disconnectors, etc.) for TBUS line.

Reference detailFranowo DepotPoznan POL 2012

In this project we are/were responsible for these deliveries and installations:

  • Automatic control system of depot
  • software & visualization for movement of vehicles within the depot
  • 42 pcs of electro-hydraulic point machines
  • 39 pcs of mechanical point machines
  • 95 pcs of resonant track circuits
  • other material and equipment: tram detection elements, signaling lamps, etc.
Reference detailRevitalisatie Nieuwe BinnenwegRotterdam NLD 2012

Delivery of OCL material for tramway track and public lightning

Reference detailMalenovice - Otrokovice C440 TVMalenovice - Otrokovice CZE 2011

Installation and delivery of OCL material for TBUS line.

Reference detailPassage through rail. junction Plzen in direction of the 3rd Transit Rail. corridorPilsen CZE 2011

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of railway overhead contact line system (ARCAS-EL).

Reference detailVidin Bridge II, Vidin Calafat, Part: Catenary, Part: ElektricityVidin BGR 2011

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of railway overhead contact line system (ARCAS) incl. remote control of sectional disconnectors.

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for delivery and assembly of electricity on the Bridge – LV and MV technology  incl. cabling, bridge highway and architecture lighting, power station 20/0,4 kV and bridge lightning protection.

Reference detailAssembly of tbus line - Burgers' ZOO projectsArnhem NLD2012 tbusOCL

Assembly of single track tbus line in lenght of 1.5km including end loop at Burgers' ZOO entry area. We also designed and delivered one complete set of tbus crossing 85° with insulation in both passing directions. Assembly of two complete sets of disconnectors including automatic power supply disconnecting control and further we also delivered the signalling of no voltage status.

Reference detailOCL repair of lightrail track in BergenBergen NOR2012 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material and adjustment of 10 kms lightrailtrack. Especially reparation and contact wire stagger adjustment of lightrail track (10kms) in tunnel.

Reference detailGhent Langevelden level crossing signaling systemGhent BEL2012 tramSIG

Description of responsibilities:

  • SIL3 signaling system for tramway level crossing
  • SIL3/SIL2 resonant track circuits
Reference detailGothenburg tram lineGothenburg SWE2012 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for tram line.

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