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Reference detailAssembly of tbus line - Burgers' ZOO projectsArnhem NLD2012 tbusOCL

Assembly of single track tbus line in lenght of 1.5km including end loop at Burgers' ZOO entry area. We also designed and delivered one complete set of tbus crossing 85° with insulation in both passing directions. Assembly of two complete sets of disconnectors including automatic power supply disconnecting control and further we also delivered the signalling of no voltage status.

Reference detailOCL repair of lightrail track in BergenBergen NOR2012 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material and adjustment of 10 kms lightrailtrack. Especially reparation and contact wire stagger adjustment of lightrail track (10kms) in tunnel.

Reference detailGhent Langevelden level crossing signaling systemGhent BEL2012 tramSIG

Description of responsibilities:

  • SIL3 signaling system for tramway level crossing
  • SIL3/SIL2 resonant track circuits
Reference detailGothenburg tram lineGothenburg SWE2012 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for tram line.

Reference detailReconstruction of tram lineKharkov UKR2012 tramOCL

Supervision and delivery of material for reconstruction of tram line just beside stadium of EURO 2012 Chamionship. We delivered mainly:

  • disconnectors
  • cantilevers up to 9m 
  • section insulators
  • tensioning mechanism
  • exchange field
  • contact wire clamps, etc
Reference detailRondo im. Janusza KrupskiegoLublin POL2012 tbusOCL

Delivery of overhead contact line material for tbus track including electrical switches, mechanical switches, cantilevers and diode insulators. Installation of VETRA system into the vehicles.

Reference detailTBUS trať: U trati - Borská v Plzni II, etapa Doudlevecká - SirkovaPlzen CZE2012 tbusOCL

Construction of tbus alternate roadincluding two crossroads. We was responsible for delivery and installation of tbus crossing or tbus switches controlled by VETRA system.

Reference detailInstalation of TBUS switchesLyon FRA 2011

Inspection and installation improvement of trolleybus switches, trolleybus crossings and other OCL equipment including improvement of tbus roundabout on the line C1/C2.

Reference detailNew Palermo TRAM linePalermo ITA 2011

Delivery of the OCL material for new tram line and for two tram depots (Rocella depot, Leonardo depot).

Reference detailDanube Bridge and Adjoining Infrastructure ProjectVidin BGR 2009

Delivery and installation of electrical and OCL equipment including ARCAS system (15 km). Our main responsibility in the project is to build complete over-head contact line for rail traffic, illumination of railway stations & nearby road overpasses and traction substation 27,5 kV.

Danube Bridge and Adjoining Infrastructure Project is very significant rail-route construction in region of Eastern Europe. This bridge will become new transit connection between Bulgaria (Vidin) and Romania (Calafat). Until now it was not possible to cross the Danube River another way than by the ferry or hundreds kilometers far away bridges. It will be changed within several months. The importance of the bridge also consists in that matter it connects rail as well as road traffic. Our main responsibility in the project is to build complete over-head contact line for rail traffic, illumination of railway stations and traction substation 27,5 kV. We are very glad we can be part of such a project.  

Reference detailRegulation of OCLBergen NOR2011 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for regulation of OCL high. Regulation of overhead contact line (catenary system) in horizontal and also in vertical direction. Assembly in total length of 1800m double track including 700m in tunnel.

Reference detailMonserrato Depot in CagliariCagliari ITA2011 tramOCL

Supply and assembly of OCL material for electrical traction, for extension of existing power supply line to other tracks where the trams pass, in the area of depot and maintenance workshop, situated inside the location of Operation Head Office of Metro Cagliari in Monserrato.

Reference detailWestvest temporary terminusDelft NLD2011 tramSIG

Delivery and installation:

  • Delivery and installation of driver´s keyboard control system for electro-hydraulic point machine
  • Including electro-hydraulical point machine installed in ground box
Reference detailGdansk TRAM lineGdansk POL2011 tramOCL

Delivery of material for reconstruction of current line and construction of new tram line including electrical and mechanical point machines and their control systems. Supervision and installation of point machines. Delivery of OCL and signaling components:

  • Electro-hydraulic point machines (18 pcs)
  • Mechanical point machines (15 pcs)
  • Switch point control systems TSC (SIL 3)
  • GRP cantilevers
  • Section insulators
  • Disconnectors including motor drives
  • Flexible anchorage sets
  • Insulators
  • Components for cantilevers and other OCL material

Reference detailReconstruction of Hnevice Railway StationHnevice CZE2011 railSIG

In this project Elektroline was responsible for delivery and installing of:

  • electric heating of switches reconstruction (23 pcs) of Horice station
  • remote control of electric heating of switches
  • construction of new distribution substation 22/0.4 kV plus its medium-voltage cable connection 22kV
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