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Reference detailkrizovatka MasarykovaTeplice CZE 2008

Reconstruction of OCL and installation of traction cables at roundabout in Teplice. Our company carried out assembly and material supply especially:

  • electrical switches for trolley-buses (tense system)
  • mechanical switches for trolley-buses (tense system)
  • cantilevers
  • disconnectors
  • supporting and tensioning equipment
Reference detailTRAM line Soseaua Mihai BravuBucharest ROU2008 tramOCL

Elektroline Inc. was responsible for instalation and delivery of material for overhead contact line in total length of 7 km doubletrack. 

  • contact line
  • GRP cantilevers
  • components for cantilevers
  • section insulators
  • TM x TB crossings
  • other necessary equipment
Reference detailRadlicka ul.Prague CZE2008 tramOCL

Entire part of double track tramway line (length = 1km) including terminal loop. Supply and installation of disconnectors including motor drives and their remote control, controlling and heating of tramway switches.

Reference detailsignaling system for Anna Kút intersectionSzeged HUN2008 tramOCL

Delivery and installation:

  • automatic signaling system for the intersection area
  • automatic heating of switch points
  • systems for tram priority at traffic lights
  • tram-to-wayside communication system
  • overhead contact line system

Reference detailTerminal Hradec KraloveHradec Kralove CZE 2007

Assembly and supervision of OCL and assembly of OCL in terminal as well. Installation of 17 sets electrical switches (suspended below system) incl. VETRA controlling and 18 sets of mechanical switches (suspended below system). Further assembly of 6 pcs of TBUS crossing.

Reference detailPrague main railway stationPrague CZE 2007

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for delivery and installing of material for electrical switch heating (including automatic control), railway station lighting (Prague).

Reference detailTramway line ŁódźŁódź POL 2007

We delivered OCL material for tram line project (16 kms doubletrack), especially following material:

  • 55 mm GRP cantilevers and related 55mm armatures
  • disconnectors
  • devices for thermal compensation of contact wire (tension mechanism)
  • clamps and clips

Reference detailIstanbulIstanbul TUR 2006

Material supply for LIGHT RAIL LINE.

Reference detailVologdaVologda RUS 2006

Material supply for trolley-bus track, especially:

  • electrical tbus switches 17 compl.
  • mechanical tbus switches 17 compl.
  • trolley-bus crossing 15 sets
Reference detailSofia control systemsSofia BGR 2005

Elektroline Inc. has executed the delivery and installing of automatic control systems TMPKM for tram switches in the city of Sofia.

Reference detailVoula tram lineAthens GRC2007 tramOCL

Extension of current tram line. Delivery and installation of signaling systems and components. Supply and assembly of over-head contact line (OCL). Nonstop online support by trained Elektroline personnel.

Delivery and installation especially:

  • switch point control systems
  • point machines (electro-hydraulic and mechanical)
  • signaling lamps
  • cantilevers
  • tensioning mechanism
  • contact wire clamps


„(...) the final result fully met the technical specifications of the project as well as they met our expectations. (...) we would like to recommend Elektroline a.s. as an excellent option for executing this type of works. (...)“

Reference detailGdynia DepotGdynia POL2007 tbusOCL

Material supply for tbus depot:

  • disconnectors including motor drives
  • remote control of disconnectors
  • novoltage status signalisation including security of maintenance workplaces for novoltage status works
Reference detailMelbourne Kew DepotMelbourne AUS2007 tramOCL

Material supply of overhead contact line line in depot

Reference detailProsmykyProsmyky CZE2007 railOCL

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for delivery and installing of material for   overhead contact line. (work place - Prosmyky )

Reference detailSenec - SladkovicovoSenec, Sladkovicovo SVK2007 railOCL

Delivery and installation:

  • Elektroline a.s. was responsible for delivery and installing of material for overhead contact line.
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