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  city/project Klatovy – Zelezna Ruda / Reconstruction of the railway Klatovy – Železná Ruda  
country  Czech Republic
period 2015
scope railway signaling
contractor S U B T E R R A a.s.; (SŽDC s.o.)

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for complete delivery and assembly of automatic Electrical Heating of Switches System (EHS) in 6 railway stations (Janovice nad Úhlavou, Nýrsko, Zelená Lhota, Hamry - Hojsova Stráž, Špičák, Železná Ruda – Alžbětín), and remote control and monitoring from station Železná Ruda - Alžbětín


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  [ WEBMAIL ][ exchange (https://remote.elektroline.cz/owa) ][ from Elektroline ( ]


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