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  city/project Horazdovice predmesti / Reconstruction of the station Horazdovice predmesti  
country  Czech Republic
period  2015
scope railway OCL and signaling
contractor BERGER BOHEMIA a.s.; (SZDC s.o.)

Elektroline a.s. was responsible for complete delivery and assembly overhead contact line system 25 kV AC (ARCAS-EL); remote control of sectional disconnectors; low and medium voltage technologies, railway station lighting; delivery and assembly substations 27/2x0,2 kV for station interlocking systems, 25/0,4 kV for electric heating systems and 25/3kV for electrical pre-heating equipment for railway vehicles and wagons, delivery and assembly of electric switch heating system (ESHS) and remote control and monitoring of railway station lighting and ESHS at the station Horažďovice předměstí.


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