Since 2009 has our company made an effort to keep the current name Elektroline. The main reason was to keep connection between our products and Elektroline name which we have built for almost twenty years. Our effort came to a successful conclusion in March 2010 and the company Elektroline can definitely maintain its current name. At the end of the 2010 our company had more than 160 employees.


In May 2009 was changed the name of Swiss concern from ATEL to ALPIQ. This change led to renaming of most of concern subsidiaries.

Currently, Elektroline a.s., employs 150 employees, and reaches an annual turnover about 11 millions EUR.

The company ATEL IT approved the intention to invest in the company Elektroline, in such a way to reach at least the double amount of its production.

After negotiations a change of legal form of Elektroline was agreed, from Ltd. company to Incorporated company. Subsequently, 100% of stocks of Elektroline were sold to Swiss company ATEL IT.

By the end of this year the cooperation with the company Fahrleitungsbau GmbH terminated and the original owners bought back their share. In order to guarantee further development, the owners decided to look for a new strategic partner.

The company left rented spaces and moved into own spaces where you can find us until today.

By that time the company had already 50 employees and its turnover was about 7,5 millions EUR. A production of the company concerned by that time not only the area of overhead contact line, but was increased also by technological devices for transportation, e.g. controlling system for trolleybus switches or systems for heating of railway switches. The number of foreign orders started increasing.

Step by step a 50% share was bought by a German company Fahrleitungsbau GmbH.

The company Elektroline Ltd. was founded by Ing. Jan Zrzavý and Ing. Zdeněk Mrázek. In the moment of its foundation the company had 10 employees.



Short description of main areas of Elektroline a.s.

The company Elektroline designs, produces, supplies, installs and maintains the whole assortment of necessary armatures, of tram switch point machines, trolleybus switches, and also of electrical and electronic devices which are offered in our production programme.

1. Overhead contact line for urban mass transport

2. Technology for transportation

In this area we register the fastest development, and thank to huge modernization of transportation systems, there is a great interest for new technologies from client's part. For our clients from Transport authorities, above all the systems for automatic controlling of tram and trolleybus switches are important, both on lines and in depots. To control these devices automatically - this is today almost inevitable for Transport authorities which want to be reliable, effective and want to provide the best service possible.


Analogically also systems for remote controlling of disconnectors are very essential for functioning of urban transport operation.

Also railway transport operation concentrates into big stations and thus small stations have to be controlled in a remote way. This remote controlling regards especially functioning of automatic heating of switches, illumination of stations and other heavy-current devices. Also these devices are proposed, supplied, installed and maintained by our company.


3. Overhead contact line for railways

In the area of OCL for railways our company employs experienced fitters who built some sections of high speed lines in Germany and they have also experiences obtained by assemblies carried out in the Czech Republic where we concentrate on complicated assemblies effecting reconstruction of railway junctions like in Děčín or Ústí nad Labem. But Elektroline installed also overhead contact line in corridor station Vranovice for the speed of 160 km/h. In Czech Republic we install OCL complete sets of SUDOP-EŽ, abroad then the Swiss (K+M) or German (Siemens, BBR) complete sets. Also in this area we expect an increase, and especially with support of our affiliated company K+M, we want to make a way into new markets, with a top solution.


These three main activities are then completed with our continuous support for clients. The sense of this support is to give to our client an effective help so as the client has a trust that we bear the responsibility for goods and services delivered by us.

From the commercial point of view we can say that about 50% of clients are today from abroad, above all from states of EU.



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