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součást materiál
Temperature range -30°C / +50°C
název hodnota popis
Nominal DC voltage: 24 V
Current TRIANGLE 340 mA
Current ARROW 240 mA
Current BEAM 100 mA
Over voltage protection 30 V AC
Electrical construction:

Each symbol uses OWN LEDs and all the elements / 2 ARROWS and 2 BEAMS / are completely electrically separated one from each other and each symbol has 2 terminals. The ARROW contains 70 LEDs divided into 14 branches with 5 LEDs in each branch. The BEAM contains 27 LEDs LEDs divided into 6 branches with 5 LEDs in 3 branches and 4 LEDs in remaining branches. The BEAM and ARROW can be connected parallel on PCB with jumpers to get TRIANGLE symbol with 2 terminals only.

Mechanical construction:

The base of the electronics is double side PCB with standard white high luminance 5mm LEDs and the laminate front mask placed 15mm ahead of PCB with holes for LEDs assuring mechanical of the LEDs with about 18mm long legs. The resistors are standard type placed on the same side like LEDs, while the connector / 2 parts terminal board / is placed on opposite side. The LEDs in branches are placed the way that each branch itself creates the symbol / from 5 dots only /. This makes PCB complicated, because neighbor LEDs are NOT connected together into serial connection. The essential advantage is, the interrupted LED in one branch that causes 5 not lighting LEDs in a symbol, will keep symbol absolutely readable without any change in the shape and only detailed view can find 5 missing dots.