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Reference detailSpinozaweg – Molenvliet tram line reconstructionRotterdam NLD2016 tramOCL

Renovation of tramway track.

  • Replacement of current tensioning mechanism by Tensorex tension mechanism
  • Disconnectors replacement
  • Installation of surge arresters
  • Regulation of OCL
  • Poles anchoring
  • Dismantling of old and installation of new OCL
  • section insulators replacement
Reference detailRenovation of MarconipleinRotterdam NLD2013 tramOCL

Delivery of OCL material for tramway track.

Reference detailRevitalisatie Nieuwe BinnenwegRotterdam NLD 2012

Delivery of OCL material for tramway track and public lightning

Reference detailAssembly of tbus line - Burgers' ZOO projectsArnhem NLD2012 tbusOCL

Assembly of single track tbus line in lenght of 1.5km including end loop at Burgers' ZOO entry area. We also designed and delivered one complete set of tbus crossing 85° with insulation in both passing directions. Assembly of two complete sets of disconnectors including automatic power supply disconnecting control and further we also delivered the signalling of no voltage status.

Reference detailWestvest temporary terminusDelft NLD2011 tramSIG

Delivery and installation:

  • Delivery and installation of driver´s keyboard control system for electro-hydraulic point machine
  • Including electro-hydraulical point machine installed in ground box
Reference detailTRAM Depot LekstraatAmsterdam NLD 2010

Project description:

  • semi-automatic depot control system
  • automatic washing management system
  • custom-made real-time visualization
  • including fail-safe track circuits BRC

Reference detailThe HagueThe Hague NLD 2008

Delivery and installation:

  • switch point control systems (SIL 3)
  • point machines (electro-hydraulic)

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