Quality of products, environment protection, occupational safety, ensure proper quality in the process of welding and health protection are priorities of Elektroline Inc. That is why the company decided to implement and permanently improve the effectivness of the management system including all these areas. Meeting all parameters requested by the client and quality of products and work are foundations of this system. In the environmental area the intention of the company is to get accurate information about the impact of its activities on the environment and create conditions for realisation of respective measures. Permanent identification of dangers, risk evaluation and risk management are going within the occupational safety management.

In this sense the company is obliged to:


The management is obliged to support the principles of the IS policy by:



The management expects from the employees and other interested parties full support and identification with these principles and requires that all employees will perform to reach high quality results and improve the quality of work permanently. All employees are also required to behave environmentally friendly and not to threaten the life and health of others.


May 23, 2018



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