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We offer for rent a trendy conference room in the area of our company. Its capacity is up to 150 people. The conference room is suitable especially for company trainings, courses, workshops, presentations or conferences. It is possible to split the space into 2 acoustic separated parts according to number of participants and type of event. There is a kitchen available with all the necessary equipment for warming up and storing refreshments.  We can also arrange the refreshment according to your demands via our cooperating catering company, which we have excellent long-time experience with. 



Conference room facilities:

Price list :

The whole conference room 800-1500 CZK/hour
½  of the conference room 500 – 1000 CZK/hour
Refreshment issue counter   300 CZK/hour
Refundable deposit, the whole conference room 20.000 CZK
Refundable deposit, ½ of the conference room 10.000 CZK


Technical equipment fees:

fee will be charged in the case of order cancellation

less than 30 days before event 20% of the price
less than 10 days before event 50% of the price
less than 3 days before event 100% of the price


Other facilities and equipments are included in the price.

 Photo Gallery:

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Contact and map:


Elektroline Inc.

K Ládví 1805/20

184 00 -  Praha 8

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 284 021 111 (reception)

E-mail: recepce@elektroline.cz, info@elektroline.cz


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