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Reference detailTrolejové vedení ulice Vrchlického v JihlavěJihlava CZE2017 tbusOCL

New trolleybus line which created trasport connection among city outskirts and city center and city hospital. Project also incude three big crossroads (2 x T type and 1 x roundabout). 

Delivery and installations:

  • installation of 9 compl.sets of tbus electrical switch including radio transmitter 
  • installation of 9 compl.sets of tbus mechanicalswitch
  • installation of 9 tbus crossings
  • assembly of over 11 000m of contact wire
  • 1000m of feeding cables
Reference detailMultimodální uzel veřejné dopravy v PardubicíchPardubice CZE 2016

Jedná se o přednádražní prostor v Pardubicích. Nově bylo zatrolejováno nástupiště pro TBUS. Odborně byly instalovány moderní a lehké armatury společnosti Elektroline.

Materiál a instalace:

  • montáž 3 elektrických rádiových výhybek
  • montáž 3 mechanických výhybek
  • montáž 3 TBUS křížení
  • instalace 5850m trolejového drátu 
  • instalace napájecích kabelů v celkové délce 525m

Reference detailStara Zagora TBUS Switches VETRA LightStara Zagora BGR2015 tbusOCL

Delivery of trolleybus switches with VETRA Light Technology including vehicle equipment (assembly and supervision).

Reference detailBaross square projectBudapest HUN2014 tbusOCL

Delivery of TBUS OCL material for trolleybus track e.g. cantilevers, section insulators, curve clamps, crossings, etc. We also supervised the assembly of tbus line. 

Reference detailViale AmendolaLa Spezia ITA2014 tbusOCL

Dismantle of current cantilevers and delivery and installation of new cantilevers incl. suspended OCL material for trolleybus track.

Reference detailNew TBUS DepotPilsen CZE 2013

We carried out delivery and installation of overhead contact systems for new trolleybus depot, as well as delivery and installation of automatic system for switches operation (VETRA) including all related software and computer for dispatching room. The project include e.g.:

  • 26 sets of electric switches
  • 26 sets of mechanical switches
  • 102 pcs of section insulators
  • 44 pcs of disconnectors

"Our company was pleased and fully satisfied with quality level of executed works as well as with the professional team involved in this project. Taking into consideration the above mentioned we would like to recommend Elektroline a.s. as an excellent option for executing of the OCL systems work".

Reference detailLyon TBUS line C13Lyon FRA 2012

We partly delivered material for the track and completely assembly of tbus track C13 in Lyon.

Due to very high trafic and important lines and rotes in direction of Lyon airport in this part of Lyon whole track was totally assembled at night hours.

Reference detailAssembly of tbus switchesLa Spezia ITA 2012

Assembly and material delivery of electrical tbus switches including control systems. We also delivered other OCL material for tbus track.

Reference detailTrolejbus Karolina 1. etapa TVOstrava CZE 2012

Installation and delivery of OCL material (including electrical switches and control systems, tbus crossings, disconnectors, etc.) for TBUS line.

Reference detailMalenovice - Otrokovice C440 TVMalenovice - Otrokovice CZE 2011

Installation and delivery of OCL material for TBUS line.

Reference detailAssembly of tbus line - Burgers' ZOO projectsArnhem NLD2012 tbusOCL

Assembly of single track tbus line in lenght of 1.5km including end loop at Burgers' ZOO entry area. We also designed and delivered one complete set of tbus crossing 85° with insulation in both passing directions. Assembly of two complete sets of disconnectors including automatic power supply disconnecting control and further we also delivered the signalling of no voltage status.

Reference detailRondo im. Janusza KrupskiegoLublin POL2012 tbusOCL

Delivery of overhead contact line material for tbus track including electrical switches, mechanical switches, cantilevers and diode insulators. Installation of VETRA system into the vehicles.

Reference detailTBUS trať: U trati - Borská v Plzni II, etapa Doudlevecká - SirkovaPlzen CZE2012 tbusOCL

Construction of tbus alternate roadincluding two crossroads. We was responsible for delivery and installation of tbus crossing or tbus switches controlled by VETRA system.

Reference detailInstalation of TBUS switchesLyon FRA 2011

Inspection and installation improvement of trolleybus switches, trolleybus crossings and other OCL equipment including improvement of tbus roundabout on the line C1/C2.

Reference detailMalenovice - OtrokoviceZlin CZE 2010

1st stage: Material supply and assembly of TBUS overhead contact line (cca 750 m), supply of traction cables (2900 m CW). Installation of disconnectors and poles (36 pcs)

2nd stage: Material supply of traction cables (1000 m), TBUS overhead contact line (1280 m), traction tube poles (88 pcs)

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